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Research Projects

  • Jun-Sept 2019: Internship at Uber AI Labs under the supervision Vashisht Madhavan and Jeff Clune. Scaling the Quality-Diversity algorithm Map-Elites to Deep Neuroevolution via the use of Evolution Strategies.

  • Since 2017: See publication section below.

  • Jan-Jun 2017: Master Project, Brain and Spine Institute, Motivation, Brain a,d Behavior Lab. Project: Computational model of the exploration-exploitation dilemma in a two-armed bandit task variational Bayesian inference (supervised by Dr Jean Daunizeau).

  • May-Sept 2016: Msc Project, Imperial College of London; Brain and Behaviour Lab. Project: design of a brain-machine interface using EEG and convolutional neural networks to control an avatar in a video game for the international Cybathlon competition (supervised by Dr Aldo Faisal).

  • Apr 2016: Msc Project, Imperial College of London, Brain-Machine Interfaces Class. Project: Offline decoding of a monkey’s hand trajectories from 98 neuronal spike trains. We used average firing rates computed over temporal bins for each spike train as features. The direction of the hand reach was decoded using k-nearest neighbors classification while the position was estimated by linear regression. My team achieved the 2nd rank of the competition.

  • Jul-Aug 2015: Internship, Center of Psychiatry and Neuroscience. I assisted a PhD student in the development of a fear renewal protocol in rats exploring wide environments. I setup the controlled experiment (rat conditioning, camera for movement detection, automatic protocol for stimuli).


  • PhD Artificial Intelligence, INRIA - Flowers Lab. Focus on exploration and intrinsic motivations for Reinforcement Learning. Subject: Deep Curiosity: Intrinsic Motivations and Deep Learning to Build Behavioral Repertoires in Autonomous Robotics.

  • Master in Cognitive Science, Ecole Normale Supérieure. Main topics: Cognitive Neuroscience of the Prefrontal Cortex, Human Reasoning, Neuroscience of Consciousness. Grade: 15/20.

  • Msc Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College of London. Stream Neurotechnology. Main topics: Biomedical Imaging, Speech Processing, Image Processing, Computational Neurosciences, Brain-Machine Interfaces. Results: 78/100, with distinctions.

  • BSc Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Telecom, Supelec. 4th best french engineering school. Main subjects: Algorithmic, Signal Processing, Statistics, Probability. GPA: 3.7/4.

  • French Scientific Preparatory Classes, Lycée Lakanal. Main subjects: Physics, Maths, Engineering. Grade: A.

  • French Scientific High School Diploma, Lycée Louis-Le-Grand. Obtained with highest honors.

Other projects

  • Exploring Wikipedia: Automatic creation of a random walk in Wikipedia database. Each day, the program exposes a Wikipedia picture scrapped from Google Image to illustrate a concept detailed in a Wikipedia page. The next concept is chosen from the links of the previous day Wikipedia page.

  • Color Evolution: Genetic algorithms to evolve colors towards a target color (Processing language). The genotype is Evolution the RGB code, the phenotype is the color. A first version simply evolves colors, while the second evolves creatures skin color, simulating predation and reproduction.

  • Pianocktail: Design of a system that produces a cocktail from a song played on an electric piano. The song representation is computed from handcrafted features from the MIDI signal, before being mapped to cocktail types, then cocktail ingredients using Fuzzy Logic.

  • Charabia: Piece of code to learn statistics from a language corpus and to create new words according to these statistics.