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Wikipedia Visual Exploration


The Wikipedia Visual Exploration project embarks you on a visual random exploration of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a multi-lingual encyclopedia built on the massive collaborative efforts of millions of Wikipedians. It’s perhaps the best example of successful collaborative projects on the Internet. There, you can learn about almost everything, EVERYTHING. Scary, isn’t it?

When confronted to immensity, one can feel paralysed. Where should we start?

Well, we can start somewhere, anywhere. From there, we take a small step, in any direction. Then, another one.

This project proposes such random explorations of Wikipedia. Starting from the Wikipedia page, it takes a new step every day. Each day, it enters one of the links contained in the previous page and jumps to another, semantically related topic. Each day, it illustrates the topic with a corresponding image taken from a google search. One after the other, for a year.

Let’s explore!